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Latest Event Pics

If you have some pics taken at one of our events and would like to see them featured here please contact us!


Outdoor Practise Race Meet - Bald Hill Park
Sunday 11th October 2015

This was our first practise outdoor race meet.

It was also our first meeting using the new MultiGP race organisation software and accepted entries via their race entry system.

We also tested the timing system and allocated transponders to pilots to track their progress.

We held 3 classes of racing, Spec, Open and Micro with the micro class being hotly contested and the Open final having a spectacular finish at the finish gate!

Spec Class Winner - Ken Peart (Kentucky)
Open Class Winner - Thomas Bitmatta (BMSThomas)

Micro Class Winner - Paul Bitmatta (BMSWeb)

2nd GoKart Meet - Tuesday 25th August 2015

Another great gokart meet and we even had a few races!

We installed netting this time at the track and this will be improved upon even further for future events.

We had plenty of casual fliers on the night and quite a bit of carnage and fun racing too. The beginners class was popular with many giving it a go.

The raffle was another success with lots of RunCam's given away as prizes.

Our First GoKart Meet - Tuesday 28th July 2015

This is the event that spawned the birth of our club :)

We flew from 6pm until 11pm and held 2 impompru races between with 4 of the fastest pilots on the night.

Lots of people attended just to have a practise fly over a GoKart track legally and with permission (an experience no one has done before in Australia to our knowledge).

We held a raffle with prizes donated by several local suppliers to raise money for a timing system and other items the club needs (paid for this website!).

A great time was had by all, and prompted us to organise another one on the 25th August 2015 and monthly from then on.

Bradmill Media Event - Saturday June 6th 2015

We held an organised media event day at the old abandoned Bradmill Textiles warehouse and invited alone several media crews including ABC Lateline who filmed us the night before in preparation and then during the next day's event.

The story eventually aired on ABC titled "Game Of Drones"

You can watch the video and read more here:

There were numerous other media stories that appeared online after the story aired. For a complete list and links see the Media page.

We had a couple of guests for the day too!

Chris Ballard of QAROP (Quadcopter Aerial, Racing Organisation & Promotion) attended and assisted as chief flight controller and safety officer.

We also had FPV racing celebrities Chad Nowak aka FinalGlideAU (Current World Champion/Winner Drone Nationals) and his sidekick, Mark Cocquio aka Strepto42 show up and competed in the staged media race with StuntDouble, DaZa & Covert


The Fort Casual Meetup - August 4th 2015

T'was a cold night but a few brave souls made it to our usual Tuesday night casual meetup.

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