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Media Contacts & Stories


We've had a lot of interest from the media in the last few months and having held an organised media event day and inviting media organisations along to film us racing and interview our pilots and specators has generated even more media interest!

If you wish to do a story on FPV Multicopter Racing then please visit our Contact Us page and drop us a quick note and we'll be in touch.

Here is a list of current stories done on our club and members:

This Is Drone Racing Documentary - Link
ABC Lateline Webstory - Link
ABC Lateline Video - Link
Gizmodo - Link
Mashable - Link
Gizmag Webstory - Link
Daily Mail UK - Link

Slash Dot - Link
Huffington Post - Link

NIne News Australia - Link
BBC UK - Link
GeekSnack - Link
Hackaday - Link
Drone Watchdogs - Link
AndDanDit (Netherlands) - Link
sUAS News - Link
Laughing Squid - Link
The Awesomer - Link

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