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GoKarts Moorabbin


We've done a basic track layout based on the existing venue map.

Outlined is the track layout as we use it, reverse of the GoKarts.

Why do we go in reverse?

Several reasons, mainly to do with safety. If we went the same direction as the GoKarts then we'd have the pilots area directly in the line of flight and if someone missed the turn they would fly right into themselves!

Also the reversed layout creates a number of exciting racing corners for mini quad racing.

The hairpain at the end of the start/finish straight is exciting to fly into fast and a great spot for first corner/lap accidents and overtaking passes :) Also right after that is another shorter straight and another hairpin! perfect spot for overtaking. You also get a set of sweeping turns and a challenging 180 that leads onto the back straight that turns into a fast sweeper past the pilots and the main spectator viewing area above to the last corner before the start/finish straight.

We'll experiment with opening up the 2 corners near the pilots and reversed layouts once we put safety netting up in front of the pilots and spectator viewing windows.

The pilot area designated in RED is where the groundstations are setup and pilots sit to fly. The other RED area is the takeoff and landing/power on area. You are to take your multirotor to this area where the pit road joins the track and power on your quad/video transmitter and return to the pilots area. You can have a pit assistant do this for you if you prefer.

This is as far away from the pilots as possible to ensure that when video transmitters are turned on in the designated area the power blip does not effect pilots who are far away. Experience has shown that powering up close to the pilots often causes glitches and can often completely over power a signal coming from someone flying and essentially blind them causing them to crash and burn!

Once you are ready to takeoff you must take off and clear the barriers and fly in the direction of the red arrow towards the start line. The exception to this will be during staged races where the aircraft are placed on the start line and powered up there prior to race start by marshals or pit assistants/pilots.

The YELLOW turn markers are where 3.8m race flags will be installed in the inside of each major corner and will sit inside the holes in the top of the track barriers. During certain races if you hit a flag or cut a corner you will have to go around or face disqualification. Beginners classes will not have this restriction for obvious reasons

The PURPLE NO FLY ZONES are exactly that. NO FLY ZONES!!! these are designated for safety reasons especially the pilots area. If someone is found to repeatedly violate the no fly zones after being warned they will be asked to land and cease flying for the night. Obviously if someone strays into a NFZ by accident due to getting out of control this will be overlooked but the pilot will be warned to keep out of the NFZ in future.

it's also worth noting the YELLOW hazards on the course, the hanging cord on the back straight needs to be avoided and will be will lit at future meetings. Also the overhead bridge at the start of the pit entry is to be avoided, the pilots area is right behind it and hitting it might do your aircraft some damage :)

We'll be experimenting with the track layout over the coming months and may this layout may change.


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