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Membership Information

What it means to be a member of the MMRC!

By joining the MMRC, you become part of more than just a club or community but a family! We have all sorts of members
from all walks of life and professions and varying skill levels. The one common denominator amongst all of them is a love of

flying and racing FPV!

Not only do you get to come to racing meetings, but we hold regular weekly social meets and other larger events including

social fly-ins, practise race meets, technical nights, beginners classes and more!

You get to meet a great bunch of people, learn from the best and enjoy your hobby with other like minded people in a fun and friendly environment that is legal and insured (providing you are a member).

Why Join?

The biggest plus of being a member is you are insured whenver you fly (providing you have permission at the location and follow CASA and MAAA/MMRC guidelines). The MAAA provides a very comprehensive insurance coverage for it's clubs and affiliated members. For more information on insurance coverage see the Club Insurance Page.


Also as part of being an MAAA affiliated member, you receive as part of your MAAA membership card an FAI Sporting License - Class F (Aeromodels) - Class S (Space Models). FAI is the world aeronautical sporting administaton body.

The MMRC is also a member of the Australian FPV Racing Association (AFPVRA) which is a national body made up of all major FPV racing clubs in Australia and represents Australia as a whole in all things associated with FPV racing worldwide. The AFPVRA is also a member of the World Rotor Sports Association which is the current FPV World Championships organisers and has direct input in matters relating to racing worldwide.

The AFPVRA will also be organisng the first Australian FPV Racing Nationals in 2016 which will be a qualifying event for the World FPV Championships being held in Hawaii in Octover 2016. MMRC members will be able to enter and compete for a spot at the worlds!

MMRC using the online FPV Racing system MultiGP.

MultiGP just isn't software, it's an entire worldwide online community and racing league!

There are MultiGP Chapters all over the US, Australian and New Zealand and the MMRC Chapter

is the second biggest MultiGP chapter worldwide currently! The MMRC uses the MultiGP software to

allow members to enter races, have their heats and frequencies allocated prior to race day

and then see how they did at the end of the day in the MultiGP MMRC Leaderboad!

By joining the MMRC, you get access to insurance, events, advice, the ability to compete nationally and internationally (remember that FAI license?)

You also get to be part of a great community!

What do I get by being a member?

There are many things you get by being a MMRC member including:


  • Insurance while you fly (provided by MAAA, (conditions apply, see club insurance page)

  • MAAA/VMAA affiliation including an FAI Aeromodeling Sporting License

  • Access to club racing events, pointscores and competitions including MultiGP.

  • Access to social events including fly-ins, practise races, technical and beginners classes

  • Ability to qualify for club competitions, and any additional national or international event

  • Access to a large membership base filled able to assist you with your build or racing

  • Member discounts and offers from vendors who are supports of the MMRC

  • Opportunity to enter club competitions/raffles and win prizes at events


How do I become a member of the MMRC?


Go to the "Join The Club" page for more information on how to join the MMRC.

What if I have questions?


You can email the Secretary with any enquiries relating to membership, membership fees, insurance etc.



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